Schedule & Results, AAA Wendy Dufton Memorial Invitational, 2016-2017 (London Junior Knights)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, October 7, 2016
MB WHITE18:30 AMNic B Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs3-1Hamilton Huskies
MM BLACK28:30 AMChrysler Markham Waxers1-3London Jr. Knights
MB GREEN38:30 AMStr B London Jr. Knights2-1Lambton Jr. Sting
MM BLACK49:00 AMHarveys Halton Hurricanes3-2Oakville Rangers
Ban WHITE59:00 AMNic A Richmond Hill Coyotes2-6London Jr. Knights
BAN GREEN69:00 AMStr A Elgin- Middlesex Chiefs0-2Chatham Kent Cyclones
MM BRONZE79:15 AMTonys Detriot Little Ceasars1-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MM BRONZE89:30 AMWastell Ajax-Pickering Raiders2-2Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MM BLUE1010:00 AMStr B North Central Predators1-1Oakland Jr. Grizzles
MM GOLD1110:00 AMChrysler Oshawa Minor Generals 1-5Mississauga Reps
MM BLUE910:00 AMNic B Toronto Red Wings4-4Cambridge Hawks
MM GOLD1210:30 AMHarveys Kitchener Jr Rangers4-3Brampton 45's
MM GREEN1310:30 AMNic A Grey Bruce Highlanders0-2Waterloo Wolves
MM GREEN1410:30 AMStr A Richmond Hill Coyotes3-2Sudbury Wolves
MM RED1510:45 AMTonys Hamilton Huskies1-5Toronto Jr. Canadians
MM RED1611:00 AMWastell Peterborough Petes3-2Chicago Mission
MM SILVER1711:30 AMChrysler Southern Tier Admirals2-4Vaughan Kings
MM WHITE1811:30 AMNic B Brantford 99ers1-3Barrie Jr. Colts
MM WHITE1911:30 AMStr B Niagara North Stars0-2Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
MM SILVER2012:00 PMHarveys Huron Perth Lakers1-3York Simcoe Express
MB WHITE2112:00 PMNic A Markham Waxers0-3Grey Bruce Highlanders
MB GREEN2212:00 PMStr A Vaughan Kings1-6Nickel City Sons
MM BLACK2312:15 PMTonys Oakville Rangers2-2Markham Waxers
Ban WHITE2412:30 PMWastell York Simcoe Express3-1Sun County Panthers
BAN GREEN251:00 PMNic B Toronto Titans2-0Quinte Red Devils
MB WHITE261:00 PMStr B Hamilton Huskies0-9Don Mills Flyers
MM BLACK271:00 PMChrysler London Jr. Knights0-1Halton Hurricanes
MB GREEN281:30 PMHarveys Lambton Jr. Sting2-3York-Simcoe Express
Ban WHITE291:30 PMNic A London Jr. Knights0-3North Central Predators
BAN GREEN301:30 PMStr A Chatham Kent Cyclones4-3Barrie Colts
MM BLUE311:45 PMTonys Cambridge Hawks1-2North Central Predators
MM BLUE322:00 PMWastell Oakland Jr. Grizzles3-3Toronto Red Wings
MM BRONZE332:30 PMNic B Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-3Ajax-Pickering Raiders
MM BRONZE342:30 PMStr B Windsor Jr. Spitfires4-2Detriot Little Ceasars
MM GOLD352:30 PMChrysler Brampton 45's5-3Oshawa Minor Generals
MM GREEN363:00 PMHarveys Waterloo Wolves4-1Richmond Hill Coyotes
MM GOLD373:00 PMNic A Mississauga Reps5-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
MM GREEN383:15 PMTonys Sudbury Wolves3-1Grey Bruce Highlanders
MM RED394:30 PMHarveys Toronto Jr. Canadians1-1Peterborough Petes
MM RED404:45 PMTonys Chicago Mission4-1Hamilton Huskies
MM SILVER415:00 PMChrysler Vaughan Kings8-0Huron Perth Lakers
MM SILVER425:15 PMWastell York Simcoe Express2-4Southern Tier Admirals
MM WHITE436:00 PMHarveys Barrie Jr. Colts1-0Niagara North Stars
MB WHITE446:15 PMTonys Grey Bruce Highlanders4-5Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
MM WHITE456:30 PMChrysler Elgin Middlesex Chiefs4-3Brantford 99ers
MB WHITE466:45 PMWastell Don Mills Flyers8-0Markham Waxers
MB GREEN477:30 PMHarveys Nickel City Sons7-3London Jr. Knights
MB GREEN487:45 PMTonys York-Simcoe Express1-0Vaughan Kings
Ban WHITE498:00 PMChrysler North Central Predators2-4York Simcoe Express
Ban WHITE508:15 PMWastell Sun County Panthers3-3Richmond Hill Coyotes
BAN GREEN519:00 PMHarveys Quinte Red Devils6-0Elgin- Middlesex Chiefs
BAN GREEN529:15 PMTonys Barrie Colts 3-4Toronto Titans
Saturday, October 8, 2016
MM RED537:15 AMWastell Toronto Jr. Canadians2-2Chicago Mission
MM RED547:30 AMHarveys Hamilton Huskies4-3Peterborough Petes
MM GREEN557:45 AMTonys Richmond Hill Coyotes3-0Grey Bruce Highlanders
MM WHITE568:00 AMChrysler Barrie Jr. Colts5-2Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
MB WHITE578:00 AMBud Gdns Grey Bruce Highlanders1-8Don Mills Flyers
MB GREEN588:45 AMWastell Nickel City Sons5-1York-Simcoe Express
BAN GREEN599:00 AMHarveys Barrie Colts 3-1Quinte Red Devils
MM GREEN609:15 AMTonys Waterloo Wolves5-1Sudbury Wolves
MM BLACK619:30 AMChrysler Oakville Rangers1-8London Jr. Knights
Ban WHITE629:30 AMBud Gdns London Jr. Knights4-2Sun County Panthers
MM WHITE6310:15 AMWastell Brantford 99ers2-2Niagara North Stars
MM BLACK6410:30 AMHarveys Markham Waxers1-3Halton Hurricanes
MM SILVER6510:45 AMTonys Vaughan Kings2-2York Simcoe Express
MM SILVER6611:00 AMChrysler Southern Tier Admirals3-0Huron Perth Lakers
MM BLUE6711:45 AMWastell Cambridge Hawks0-3Oakland Jr. Grizzles
MM BLUE6812:00 PMHarveys North Central Predators0-4Toronto Red Wings
MM BRONZE6912:15 PMTonys Detriot Little Ceasars2-6Ajax-Pickering Raiders
MB WHITE7012:30 PMBud Gdns Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs3-1Markham Waxers
MM BRONZE711:00 PMChrysler Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-0Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MM GOLD721:15 PMWastell Brampton 45's4-5Mississauga Reps
MM GOLD731:30 PMHarveys Kitchener Jr Rangers3-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MB WHITE741:45 PMTonys Hamilton Huskies0-3Grey Bruce Highlanders
MB GREEN752:00 PMBud Gdns Vaughan Kings1-4Lambton Jr. Sting
MB GREEN762:30 PMChrysler York-Simcoe Express6-2London Jr. Knights
Ban WHITE772:45 PMWastell Richmond Hill Coyotes1-4York Simcoe Express
BAN GREEN783:00 PMHarveys Chatham Kent Cyclones4-1Toronto Titans
BAN GREEN793:15 PMTonys Elgin- Middlesex Chiefs2-4Barrie Colts
Ban WHITE803:30 PMBud Gdns Sun County Panthers0-3North Central Predators
MM CHAMP814:00 PMChrysler Peterborough Petes0-5Waterloo Wolves
MM CHAMP824:15 PMWastell Richmond Hill Coyotes2-5Toronto Jr. Canadians
MM CONSOL834:30 PMHarveys Hamilton Huskies3-2Sudbury Wolves
MM CONSOL844:45 PMTonys Grey Bruce Highlanders1-4Chicago Mission
MM CONSOL854:45 PMNic C Oakville Rangers6-3Brantford 99ers
MM CONSOL865:00 PMBud Gdns Niagara North Stars0-1Markham Waxers
MM CHAMP875:30 PMChrysler Elgin Middlesex Chiefs2-1Halton Hurricanes
MM CHAMP885:45 PMWastell London Jr. Knights2-0Barrie Jr. Colts
MM CHAMP896:00 PMHarveys Southern Tier Admirals1-0Oakland Jr. Grizzles
MM CHAMP906:15 PMTonys Toronto Red Wings3-1Vaughan Kings
MM CONSOL916:15 PMNic C Cambridge Hawks2-1York Simcoe Express
MM CONSOL926:30 PMBud Gdns Huron Perth Lakers1-2North Central Predators
MM CHAMP937:00 PMChrysler Kitchener Jr Rangers2-3Ajax-Pickering Raiders
MM CONSOL947:00 PMNic A Oshawa Minor Generals 2-6Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MM CHAMP957:15 PMWastell Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-3Mississauga Reps
MM CONSOL967:30 PMHarveys Detriot Little Ceasars3-5Brampton 45's
MB WHITE977:45 PMNic C Markham Waxers1-0Hamilton Huskies
MB WHITE987:45 PMTonys Don Mills Flyers8-0Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
MB GREEN998:00 PMBud Gdns London Jr. Knights1-1Vaughan Kings
MB GREEN1008:30 PMNic A Lambton Jr. Sting2-4Nickel City Sons
Ban WHITE1018:30 PMChrysler York Simcoe Express4-2London Jr. Knights
Ban WHITE1028:45 PMWastell North Central Predators0-2Richmond Hill Coyotes
BAN GREEN1039:00 PMHarveys Toronto Titans0-3Elgin- Middlesex Chiefs
BAN GREEN1049:15 PMTonys Quinte Red Devils3-0Chatham Kent Cyclones
Sunday, October 9, 2016
MM CONSOL1058:00 AMChrysler Oakville Rangers0-3Hamilton Huskies
MM CONSOL1068:15 AMWastell Markham Waxers1-3Chicago Mission
MM CONSOL1078:30 AMHarveys Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-2Cambridge Hawks
MM CONSOL1088:45 AMTonys Brampton 45's8-2North Central Predators
MM CHAMP1099:30 AMChrysler Elgin Middlesex Chiefs2-3Waterloo Wolves
MM CHAMP1109:45 AMWastell London Jr. Knights3-1Toronto Jr. Canadians
MM CHAMP11110:00 AMHarveys Ajax-Pickering Raiders4-2Southern Tier Admirals
MM CHAMP11210:15 AMTonys Mississauga Reps3-2Toronto Red Wings
MB Champ11311:15 AMChrysler York-Simcoe Express2-6Don Mills Flyers
MB Champ11411:30 AMWastell Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs1-2Nickel City Sons
BAN Champ11511:45 AMHarveys Quinte Red Devils0-2York Simcoe Express
BAN Champ11612:00 PMTonys North Central Predators4-0Chatham Kent Cyclones
MM CONSOL11712:45 PMChrysler Cambridge Hawks2-3Hamilton Huskies
MM CONSOL1181:00 PMWastell Chicago Mission4-3Brampton 45's
MM CHAMP1192:30 PMChrysler Ajax-Pickering Raiders3-2Waterloo Wolves
MM CHAMP1202:45 PMWastell Mississauga Reps4-1London Jr. Knights
MB Champ1214:00 PMChrysler Nickel City Sons0-3Don Mills Flyers
BAN Champ1224:15 PMWastell North Central Predators0-3York Simcoe Express
MM CONSOL1235:45 PMWastell Hamilton Huskies2-3Chicago Mission
MM CHAMP1246:00 PMChrysler Ajax-Pickering Raiders3-1Mississauga Reps
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