Schedule & Results, Drew Doughty Ronald McDonald House AAA Invitational, 2017-2018 (London Junior Knights)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, September 22, 2017
MA-PACIFIC17:45 AMTonys Ajax - Pickering Raiders 2-7Mississauga Senators
A-PACIFIC28:00 AMChrysler Markham Waxers 5-2Chatham Kent Cyclones
A-PACIFIC38:15 AMHarveys Los Angeles Jr. Kings 4-2North Central Predators
A-PACIFIC48:30 AMHanstone Buffalo Jr. Sabres 3-2Quinte Red Devils
A - OLYM58:45 AMTonys Barrie Colts 6-2Markham Majors
A - OLYM69:00 AMChrysler Lambton Jr. Sting 1-1Pittsburgh Penquins
A - OLYM79:15 AMHarveys Toronto Titans 6-0Syracuse Nationals
A - STAN89:30 AMHanstone Oakville Rangers 1-6London Jr. Knights
A - STAN910:00 AMTonys Long Island Gulls 5-2Peterborough Petes
A - STAN1010:15 AMChrysler Ottawa Sting 0-1Sylvania North Stars
MA - STAN1110:30 AMHarveys Whitby Wildcats 1-5Barrie Colts
MA - STAN1210:45 AMHanstone Huron Perth Lakers 0-2Honeybaked Black
MA- OLYM1311:00 AMTonys London Jr. Knights 4-2North Central Predators
MA- OLYM1411:15 AMChrysler Kingston Jr. Frontenacs 1-6Pittsburgh Penquins
MA-PACIFIC1511:30 AMHarveys Guelph Gryphons 5-3Chatham Kent Cyclones
MA-PACIFIC1611:45 AMHanstone Mississauga Senators 4-4Lambton Jr. Sting
A-PACIFIC1712:15 PMTonys Chatham Kent Cyclones 1-2Los Angeles Jr. Kings
A-PACIFIC1812:30 PMChrysler North Central Predators 2-2Buffalo Jr. Sabres
A-PACIFIC1912:45 PMHarveys Quinte Red Devils 2-3Markham Waxers
A - OLYM201:00 PMHanstone Syracuse Nationals 0-4Lambton Jr. Sting
A - OLYM211:15 PMTonys Markham Majors 4-1Toronto Titans
A - OLYM221:30 PMChrysler Pittsburgh Penquins 3-3Barrie Colts
A - STAN231:45 PMHarveys Ottawa Sting 2-2Oakville Rangers
A - STAN242:00 PMHanstone Sylvania North Stars 3-5Long Island Gulls
A - STAN252:30 PMTonys London Jr. Knights 5-0Peterborough Petes
MA - STAN262:45 PMChrysler Barrie Colts 6-3Huron Perth Lakers
MA - STAN273:00 PMHarveys Honeybaked Black 5-3Whitby Wildcats
MA- OLYM283:15 PMHanstone Pittsburgh Penquins 3-4London Jr. Knights
MA- OLYM293:30 PMTonys North Central Predators 3-2Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
MA-PACIFIC303:45 PMChrysler Lambton Jr. Sting 3-4Guelph Gryphons
MA-PACIFIC314:00 PMHarveys Chatham Kent Cyclones 3-4Ajax - Pickering Raiders
Saturday, September 23, 2017
MA-PACIFIC327:45 AMTonys Lambton Jr. Sting 5-2Chatham Kent Cyclones
A - STAN338:00 AMChrysler Oakville Rangers 2-3Long Island Gulls
A - STAN348:15 AMHarveys Peterborough Petes 3-3Sylvania North Stars
A - STAN358:30 AMHanstone London Jr. Knights 6-0Ottawa Sting
A - OLYM368:45 AMTonys Lambton Jr. Sting 4-4Toronto Titans
A - OLYM379:15 AMChrysler Syracuse Nationals 2-1Barrie Colts
A - OLYM389:30 AMHarveys Pittsburgh Penquins 5-1Markham Majors
A-PACIFIC399:45 AMHanstone Chatham Kent Cyclones 3-4Quinte Red Devils
A-PACIFIC4010:00 AMTonys Markham Waxers 4-1North Central Predators
A-PACIFIC4110:30 AMChrysler Los Angeles Jr. Kings 2-1Buffalo Jr. Sabres
MA - STAN (XOVER)4210:45 AMHarveys Pittsburgh Penquins 7-2Huron Perth Lakers
MA - STAN (XOVER)4311:00 AMHanstone London Jr. Knights 3-3Barrie Colts
MA- OLYM (XOVER)4411:15 AMTonys Honeybaked Black 6-0Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
MA- OLYM (XOVER)4511:45 AMChrysler Whitby Wildcats 1-1North Central Predators
A - STAN4612:00 PMHarveys Sylvania North Stars 0-2Oakville Rangers
A - STAN4712:15 PMHanstone Long Island Gulls 4-2London Jr. Knights
A - STAN4812:30 PMTonys Peterborough Petes 2-3Ottawa Sting
MA-PACIFIC491:00 PMChrysler Chatham Kent Cyclones 0-6Mississauga Senators
MA-PACIFIC501:15 PMHarveys Guelph Gryphons 1-1Ajax - Pickering Raiders
A - OLYM511:30 PMHanstone Barrie Colts 3-3Lambton Jr. Sting
A - OLYM521:45 PMTonys Toronto Titans 3-4Pittsburgh Penquins
A - OLYM532:15 PMChrysler Markham Majors 3-1Syracuse Nationals
A-PACIFIC542:30 PMHarveys North Central Predators 4-4Chatham Kent Cyclones
A-PACIFIC552:45 PMHanstone Buffalo Jr. Sabres 5-3Markham Waxers
A-PACIFIC563:00 PMTonys Quinte Red Devils 1-4Los Angeles Jr. Kings
MA - STAN573:45 PMHarveys Huron Perth Lakers 0-5Whitby Wildcats
MA - STAN584:00 PMHanstone Barrie Colts 4-4Honeybaked Black
MA- OLYM594:15 PMTonys Kingston Jr. Frontenacs 5-2London Jr. Knights
MA- OLYM605:00 PMHarveys North Central Predators 3-4Pittsburgh Penquins
MA-PACIFIC615:15 PMHanstone Mississauga Senators 5-0Guelph Gryphons
MA-PACIFIC625:30 PMTonys Ajax - Pickering Raiders 1-3Lambton Jr. Sting
A - CHAMP636:15 PMHarveys Markham Waxers 0-2Pittsburgh Penquins
A - CHAMP646:30 PMHanstone Lambton Jr. Sting 2-9London Jr. Knights
A - CHAMP656:45 PMTonys Buffalo Jr. Sabres 2-3Long Island Gulls
A - CHAMP667:30 PMHarveys Barrie Colts 5-2Los Angeles Jr. Kings
Sunday, September 24, 2017
MA - Champ677:45 AMTonys Barrie Colts 0-7Mississauga Senators
MA - Champ688:00 AMChrysler Pittsburgh Penquins 3-5Honeybaked Black
A - CHAMP698:15 AMHanstone Pittsburgh Penquins 1-4London Jr. Knights
A - CHAMP708:30 AMHarveys Barrie Colts 3-6Long Island Gulls
MA - Champ7112:00 PMChrysler Honeybaked Black 1-2Mississauga Senators
A - CHAMP721:30 PMChrysler Long Island Gulls 3-6London Jr. Knights
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