Schedule & Results, AA Green and White Tournament, 2022-2023 (London Junior Knights)

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Friday, November 11, 2022
U10 - RR18:00 AMLondon London Jr. Knights WHITE 0-9LaSalle Sabres
U10 - RR28:00 AMNic A TNT Tornados 3-2Markham Waxers
U10 - RR38:15 AMCollins Belleville Jr Bulls 4-3London Jr. Knights GREEN
U10 - RR48:15 AMNic C Leaside Flames 3-1Milton Winterhawks
U11 - A58:30 AMHanstone Mississauga Beast 7-1Sarnia Jr. Sting
U11 - A68:45 AMTonys Oakville Rangers RED 3-3London Jr. Knights WHITE
U11 - A79:15 AMLondon Richmond Hill Stars 1-4Whitby Wildcats
U12 - A89:15 AMNic A Toronto East Enders 1-0Halton Hills Thunder
U12 - A109:30 AMNic C Barrie Colts 5-1Stratford Warriors
U12 - B99:30 AMCollins Forest Hill Force 0-5London Jr. Knights WHITE
U12 - B119:45 AMHanstone St Catharines Falcons 8-2Caledon Hawks
U12 - B1210:00 AMTonys Milton Winterhawks 2-3Toronto Eagles
U13 - A1310:45 AMLondon Humber Valley Sharks 2-3Whitby Wildcats BLUE
U13 - A1410:45 AMNic A Halton Hills Thunder 7-4Markham Islanders
U13 - A1511:00 AMCollins London Jr. Knights WHITE 4-4Markham Waxers
U11 - B1611:00 AMNic C St. Thomas Stars 2-7Humber Valley Sharks
U11 - B1711:15 AMHanstone Belleville Jr. Bulls 1-10London Jr. Knights GREEN
U11 - B1811:30 AMTonys Burlington Eagles Blue 3-8Ted Reeve Thunder
U12 - C1912:00 PMLondon Vaughan Rangers 1-3TNT Tornados
U12 - C2012:00 PMNic A London Jr. Knights GREEN 6-0Scarborough Young Bruins
U12 - C2112:15 PMCollins Oshawa Generals 3-1Richmond Hill Stars
U13 - B2212:15 PMNic C Whitby Wildcats WHITE1-0Goulding Park Rangers
U13 - B2312:30 PMHanstone Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds 3-5London Jr. Knights GREEN
U13 - B2412:45 PMTonys Sarnia Sting 2-1Mississauga Terriers
U10 - RR251:30 PMLondon Markham Waxers 3-0London Jr. Knights WHITE
U10 - RR261:30 PMNic A LaSalle Sabres 6-3TNT Tornados
U10 - RR271:45 PMCollins Milton Winterhawks 5-1Belleville Jr Bulls
U10 - RR281:45 PMNic C London Jr. Knights GREEN 3-3Leaside Flames
U11 - A292:00 PMHanstone London Jr. Knights WHITE 1-2Mississauga Beast
U11 - A302:15 PMTonys Sarnia Jr. Sting 3-4Richmond Hill Stars
U11 - A312:45 PMLondon Whitby Wildcats 1-3Oakville Rangers RED
U12 - A322:45 PMNic A Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds 2-4Barrie Colts
U12 - A333:00 PMCollins Stratford Warriors 6-1Belle River Canadiens
U12 - A343:00 PMNic C Halton Hills Thunder 3-1North York Knights
U12 - B353:15 PMHanstone London Jr. Knights WHITE 3-4Milton Winterhawks
U12 - B363:30 PMTonys Caledon Hawks 3-3Forest Hill Force
U12 - B374:15 PMLondon Toronto Eagles 2-6St Catharines Falcons
U13 - A384:30 PMCollins Markham Islanders 1-8London Jr. Knights WHITE
U13 - A394:45 PMHanstone Markham Waxers 3-1Humber Valley Sharks
U13 - A405:00 PMTonys Whitby Wildcats BLUE4-4Halton Hills Thunder
U11 - B415:30 PMLondon London Jr. Knights GREEN 7-1Burlington Eagles Blue
U11 - B425:45 PMCollins Humber Valley Sharks 6-1Belleville Jr. Bulls
U11 - B436:00 PMHanstone Ted Reeve Thunder 2-2St. Thomas Stars
U12 - C446:15 PMTonys TNT Tornados 0-4London Jr. Knights GREEN
U12 - C457:00 PMLondon Richmond Hill Stars 0-2Vaughan Rangers
U12 - C467:15 PMCollins Scarborough Young Bruins 4-0Oshawa Generals
U13 - B477:30 PMHanstone Goulding Park Rangers 2-2Sarnia Sting
U13 - B487:45 PMTonys London Jr. Knights GREEN 3-2Whitby Wildcats WHITE
U13 - B498:15 PMLondon Mississauga Terriers 6-7Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds
U12 - A508:30 PMCollins North York Knights 3-1Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds
U12 - A518:45 PMHanstone Belle River Canadiens 1-7Toronto East Enders
Saturday, November 12, 2022
U11 - B528:00 AMLondon St. Thomas Stars 2-5Burlington Eagles Blue
U11 - B538:15 AMCollins Ted Reeve Thunder 8-1Belleville Jr. Bulls
U11 - B548:30 AMHanstone Humber Valley Sharks 3-2London Jr. Knights GREEN
U12 - C558:45 AMTonys London Jr. Knights GREEN 1-1Vaughan Rangers
U12 - C569:15 AMLondon Scarborough Young Bruins 5-5Richmond Hill Stars
U12 - C579:30 AMCollins Oshawa Generals 2-6TNT Tornados
U12 - A589:45 AMHanstone Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds 1-4Stratford Warriors
U13 - B5910:00 AMTonys Sarnia Sting 2-3Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds
U13 - B6010:45 AMLondon Goulding Park Rangers 2-0London Jr. Knights GREEN
U13 - B6111:00 AMCollins Mississauga Terriers 5-2Whitby Wildcats WHITE
U10 - RR6211:15 AMHanstone Markham Waxers 2-4London Jr. Knights GREEN
U10 - RR6311:30 AMTonys Milton Winterhawks 2-6LaSalle Sabres
U10 - RR6412:00 PMLondon London Jr. Knights WHITE 1-1Belleville Jr Bulls
U10 - RR6512:15 PMCollins Leaside Flames 4-0TNT Tornados
U11 - A6612:15 PMNic C Richmond Hill Stars 2-6Mississauga Beast
U11 - A6712:30 PMHanstone Whitby Wildcats 5-2London Jr. Knights WHITE
U11 - A6812:45 PMTonys Oakville Rangers RED 4-4Sarnia Jr. Sting
U12 - B691:00 PMNic A St Catharines Falcons 1-4London Jr. Knights WHITE
U12 - B701:30 PMLondon Milton Winterhawks 4-0Forest Hill Force
U12 - B711:30 PMNic C Toronto Eagles 5-6Caledon Hawks
U13 - A721:45 PMCollins Markham Islanders 2-2Markham Waxers
U13 - A732:00 PMHanstone Halton Hills Thunder 7-0Humber Valley Sharks
U13 - A742:15 PMNic A London Jr. Knights WHITE 6-4Whitby Wildcats BLUE
U11 - B752:15 PMTonys London Jr. Knights GREEN 3-4Ted Reeve Thunder
U11 - B762:45 PMLondon Belleville Jr. Bulls 2-4St. Thomas Stars
U11 - B773:00 PMCollins Burlington Eagles Blue 3-9Humber Valley Sharks
U12 - C783:00 PMNic C Vaughan Rangers 9-0Oshawa Generals
U12 - C793:15 PMHanstone Richmond Hill Stars 0-1London Jr. Knights GREEN
U12 - C803:30 PMTonys TNT Tornados 3-3Scarborough Young Bruins
U12 - A813:45 PMNic A Barrie Colts 6-2North York Knights
U12 - A824:15 PMLondon Belle River Canadiens 0-5Halton Hills Thunder
U12 - A834:15 PMNic C Stratford Warriors 2-5Toronto East Enders
U13 - B844:30 PMCollins Whitby Wildcats WHITE1-6Sarnia Sting
U13 - B854:45 PMHanstone Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds 2-4Goulding Park Rangers
U13 - B865:00 PMNic A London Jr. Knights GREEN 3-2Mississauga Terriers
U10 - RR875:00 PMTonys Belleville Jr Bulls 4-5Leaside Flames
U10 - RR885:30 PMLondon London Jr. Knights GREEN 4-4Milton Winterhawks
U10 - RR895:45 PMCollins TNT Tornados 3-2London Jr. Knights WHITE
U10 - RR905:45 PMNic C LaSalle Sabres 11-4Markham Waxers
U11 - A916:00 PMHanstone London Jr. Knights WHITE 3-0Richmond Hill Stars
U11 - A926:15 PMTonys Sarnia Jr. Sting 2-2Whitby Wildcats
U11 - A936:30 PMNic A Mississauga Beast 3-2Oakville Rangers RED
U12 - B947:00 PMLondon London Jr. Knights WHITE 7-1Toronto Eagles
U12 - B957:00 PMNic C Caledon Hawks 4-3Milton Winterhawks
U12 - B967:15 PMCollins Forest Hill Force 6-1St Catharines Falcons
U13 - A977:30 PMHanstone Markham Islanders 3-1Whitby Wildcats BLUE
U13 - A987:45 PMNic A Halton Hills Thunder 1-3Markham Waxers
U13 - A997:45 PMTonys London Jr. Knights WHITE 7-0Humber Valley Sharks
U12 - A1008:15 PMLondon Toronto East Enders 3-2Barrie Colts
U12 - A1018:30 PMCollins North York Knights 5-1Belle River Canadiens
U12 - A1028:30 PMNic C Halton Hills Thunder 5-1Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds
Sunday, November 13, 2022
U12 Champ1037:45 AMTonys TNT Tornados 1-7Toronto East Enders
U12 Champ1048:00 AMLondon Caledon Hawks 3-5London Jr. Knights GREEN
U12 Champ1058:15 AMCollins Vaughan Rangers 2-5Halton Hills Thunder
U12 Champ1068:30 AMHanstone Barrie Colts 1-10London Jr. Knights WHITE
U10 -Champ1079:30 AMCollins TNT Tornados 2-4LaSalle Sabres
U10 -Champ1089:45 AMHanstone London Jr. Knights GREEN 1-3Leaside Flames
U11 Champ10911:00 AMCollins Ted Reeve Thunder 2-4Mississauga Beast
U11 Champ11011:15 AMHanstone Whitby Wildcats 6-9Humber Valley Sharks
U13 Champ11112:15 PMCollins Sarnia Sting 4-2London Jr. Knights WHITE
U13 Champ11212:30 PMHanstone Markham Waxers 3-1London Jr. Knights GREEN
U12 Champ1131:45 PMCollins London Jr. Knights WHITE 1-0Toronto East Enders
U12 Champ1142:00 PMHanstone Halton Hills Thunder 3-4London Jr. Knights GREEN
U10 -Champ1153:15 PMHanstone Leaside Flames 11-4LaSalle Sabres
U11 Champ1164:45 PMHanstone Mississauga Beast 2-6Humber Valley Sharks
U13 Champ1176:00 PMHanstone Sarnia Sting 1-2Markham Waxers
U12 Champ1187:30 PMHanstone London Jr. Knights WHITE 4-2London Jr. Knights GREEN
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