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Nov 10, 2022 | Pauline McCallum | 1082 views
Presidents Report AGM Nov 09 2022
Presidents Address  November 2022

My name is Pauline McCallum and I am the President of the London Junior Knights 

Welcome to our Board Members, Coaches, Parents and Guardians.
 I am so proud of our organization for providing one of the best minor hockey experience and program, in Ontario.  I am talking both in affordability and in player and coaching staff development.

I reiterate there are 3 people in this organization who are not Board Members but without their contribution, things would just not be.  My appreciation and special thanks once again go out to you all.  You are very key to the London Junior Knights.

Ed Thompson our Executive Assistant/Accounting Support.

Kevin Bergeron our Scheduler/Registrar.

Peter Feenstra our Tournaments Manager. 

As you may or may not know the Board is declared, as no additional nominations were received.  Thank you all for letting your names stand for the upcoming season.

You may or may not know from your current seasons Board


President- Pauline McCallum- has served on this board since its Incorporation for the 2002-2003 Season,
and prior was President of GLHA, and served on the Women’s board of what is now the Bandits.
Key player in separation of Rep Hockey Players as its own identity within the City of London, and the
formation of the Alliance. In the past served as Treasurer of Alliance and Chair of Rep Hockey at the
Alliance. Looks like 40 years of volunteering in Minor Hockey.




Vice President Hockey Operations- Kevin Gardner has served on this board since 2007-08 Season,
started out as a Convenor, after he coached in our system. Comes to us from the West London Board.


Vice President Administration – Rick Ackert, after serving as an Assistant Coach in our System.
Rick has been hard at work landing our Contracts at WFSC for the Resource Room/Midget Dressing
Room and the equipment storage room.

Treasurer-Tom Warner, has served on our Board since the 2018-2019 Season. Comes to us from
West London Board. Tom has a lot of hockey experience and of course is one of the best Treasurers
we have been involved with.

Secretary -Dave Gray, has served on our Board since the 2017-2018 Season.

Director at Large Administration-Dave Poustie has served on our Board since 2018-2019 Season.
Dave keeps tabs on the police check submissions.


Director at Large Events & Volunteers-Damon Hardy, has served on our Board since 2014-2015 Season.
His legal background is so valuable to this board. He is key in finalizing the Jeff Dunlop Scholarship
for our players.

Director at Large Events & Volunteers-Michelle Barletta- has served on our board since 2016-2017 Season.


Director at Large Communications- Sean Tierney has served on our Board since 2010-2011 Season.
He is key on our Webpage, and Security.

Director of Fundraising Andrew (Drew) White.  Thank you for stepping up to fill this position Drew.


Midget Convenor - Paul Doughty, on the Board since 2016-2017 Season.


Bantam/Pee Wee Convenor-Greg Millman- Rookie to our Board since 2019.

Pee Wee Convenor.  Thank you Scott Mapes for stepping into the Pee Wee Convenor position for the
upcoming season. Scott has coached in our system off and on since 2009, at both AAA and AA. Prior to that was with GLHA.


Atom Convenor -Jim Vautour- has been a Board Member on and off since 2003-2004 Season.
Jim Vautour is also awarded the recognition of being a Life Member.

This Board is here for the right reason THE KIDS, and are UNPAID Volunteers. We only have 2 directors
who have children currently in the system. Except for one I believe the remainder have gone through
our system.

On Nov 10, the OHF will be meeting hosting a Townhall Meeting, which Kevin Gardner and I will be 
attending to review the Pathways and provide direction on U12 and above age groups Spring vs Fall Try outs

The Ontario Hockey Federation based on feedback from Members and stakeholders within our jurisdiction
made a request to Hockey Canada to not collect the Hockey Canada Assessment Fee for the 2022-2023 
season. Hockey Canada considered and adopted this request. Hockey Canada has stated that they will 
not be collecting the $3.00 Hockey Canada Assessment fee for the 2022-23 hockey season.

Alliance has set up a committee to evaluate what their membership wants from the Association

The RESET committee wants to let you know it is moving ahead with the next phases of the information
gathering from individual members of the Alliance.


"Today, November 9th, we are distributing surveys to a randomly selected group of coaches,
team officials and game officials from across the association.


Next week, November 16th, our plan is to distribute surveys to a randomly selected group of
parents and players from across the associations.


In each category (coaches, players, parents, game officials, team officials) we have randomly
selected a percentage of the membership to be asked to complete the survey. To keep the
process manageable, we are not able to include everyone.


We have given each group a target date to fill out the survey.


Once these surveys are combined with the ones we completed with the MHA and Alliance
executives and leadership, we will have invited 2000+ people to give us their feedback.


We will present the results of the survey and a preliminary plan for the RESET for Alliance Hockey
at the Semi-Annual meeting in January.  
The final plan will be based on what the membership wants.
will opportunities for more input as we move forward with developing this plan which will be
finalized for presentation at the Annual Meeting in June."


We will no longer be working the London Knights 50/50 Draws. As we have told coaches over the last
few years, True Sport will only transfer the money given to us by the London Knights to be used to
supports kids/families who can not afford to play hockey. It seems that unless the teams get a direct
funding for the evening worked, they do not want to participate as a community event.


I want to share a clip that was shared with me, something to think about.


Former NHL star Ray Ferraro was asked to talk to parents of a hockey club that was going through
a tough time, with parent
expectations at an all-time high.

This is what Ferraro told the parents.

– Minor hockey is out of control in terms of Parents chasing the dream for their kids instead of kids
deciding on their own how passionate they are for it and how bad they want it.

– In the last 10 years only 21 kids who either played at NSWC or BWC have appeared in at least
ONE NHL regular season game. Point is if your banking on your son collecting an NHL pay cheque
to solidify his and yours financial future you seriously need to stop and come up with a new plan and now.

– The odds of going pro are extremely low but the odds of having to find a career and a job to pay
bills and be a husband and father are extremely high and it’s not dictated by if you played AAA hockey

– Parents need to enjoy the ride while you have it … your son’s minor hockey days end too quickly
and often times people end up regretting what they did not know then and what they ending up
missing because they were focused on everything but their kid having fun

– As a parent who devotes time and money to your son, the only right you have to ask is they
give it their best … not how much ice time they get, if they play on the PP, who is their winger
or D partner

– Don’t pay for power skating, dryland training, skill development and expect your son to score
50 goals, if you decide to invest in extras do it because your son asked for it and wants to improve
and has a smile on his face each and every time … too many parents decide what they want their
kids to do instead of their kids asking to do it.

– 12 month hockey is wrong … organized skills sessions, tryouts, spring hockey is too much and
too taxing … kids can shoot pucks, stick handle, play street hockey but they need out of the mental
insanity of a hockey rink and need to be engaged in something other than hockey …
the time away reinforces the passion to want it

– Coaches are coaches we all know the game and think this should be done a certain way
… how come we never tell our kids math teacher how to teach calculus but we think as parents
we have the right to tell a hockey coach how much ice time and with whom and when our kids should play.

– When you evaluate your kids season, never base it on how many banners they won,
what provincial they won, what tourneys they went to and won … ask yourself what improved
from September to April, what did he learn or improve upon including non-hockey stuff
… evaluate the season besides wins and losses but gains and improvements. Just let them play,
learn and develop. Pressure is high enough, no need to make it worse.



Last but not least. This will be my last year on the board other than a Past President there to
give direction and transparency to how and why things were done in the past.
Two reasons. My time for volunteering is over, and secondly people on this board
are picking up extra tasks for me while I am the Primary Care Giver to my Husband
who has been diagnosed with Parkinsons 6 years ago.
I want to say thank you to all those who are putting in the extra effort on my behalf.


Respectfully submitted







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