Schedule & Results, AAA Wendy Dufton Memorial, 2014-2015 (London Junior Knights)

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Friday, October 10, 2014
Palasad No (XOVER)B19:00 AMWFSC-H Elgin Middlesex Chiefs7-1Ajax Pickering Raiders
WhiteMM19:15 AMWFSC-T Burlington Eagles5-4Barrie Jr. Colts
Palasad No (XOVER)B29:30 AMSTR-B Whitby Wildcats5-4Thunder Bay Kings
GreenMM29:30 AMWFSC-Was Ajax Pickering Raiders3-0Toronto Young Nats
Pete's SpoMB110:00 AMSTR-A Elgin Middlesex Chiefs0-4Whitby Wildcats
OrangeMM310:00 AMWFSC-LC Brantford 99er's0-6Don Mills Flyers
Blue (XOVER)MM510:15 AMWFSC-H North York Rangers2-2Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
GoldMM610:30 AMWFSC-T Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs3-5Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
Kelsey's DMB210:45 AMWFSC-Was Lambton Jr. Sting1-5London Jr. Knights
Pete's SpoMB311:15 AMSTR-A Chatham Kent Cyclones1-1Southern Tier Admirals
WhiteMM711:15 AMWFSC-LC Peterborough Petes2-3Whitby Wildcats
GreenMM811:30 AMWFSC-H Waterloo Wolves7-1Cleveland Barons U15
Palasad So (XOVER)B311:45 AMWFSC-T London Jr. Knights1-3Toronto Jr. Canadiens
Palasad So (XOVER)B412:00 PMCA-A Oakville Rangers2-1Sudbury Jr. Wolves
Blue (XOVER)MM912:00 PMWFSC-Was Halton Hurricanes2-4Vaughan Kings
GoldMM1012:30 PMWFSC-LC London Jr. Knights4-2Toronto Red Wings
Kelsey's DMB412:45 PMSTR-B Ajax Pickering Raiders4-1Vaughan Kings
Blue (XOVER)MM1112:45 PMWFSC-H CI Hockey Academy2-2Jimmy John's Hockey
Blue (XOVER)MM41:00 PMWFSC-T Toronto Jr. Canadiens6-0York Simcoe Express
WhiteMM121:15 PMWFSC-Was Thunder Bay Kings2-2Burlington Eagles
Pete's SpoMB51:45 PMSTR-A Whitby Wildcats5-0Don Mills Flyers
GreenMM142:00 PMWFSC-H Toronto Young Nats1-1Mississauga Senators
Palasad NoB52:15 PMWFSC-T Ajax Pickering Raiders2-2Thunder Bay Kings
OrangeMM132:45 PMWFSC-LC Don Mills Flyers6-4Niagara North Stars
OrangeMM153:15 PMWFSC-H Brampton 45's5-0Buffalo Saints
GoldMM163:30 PMWFSC-T Kingston Jr. Frontenacs3-1Ottawa Jr. Senators
Kelsey's DMB63:45 PMCA-A London Jr. Knights6-1Brampton 45's
Palasad SoB64:30 PMWFSC-H Toronto Jr. Canadiens1-1Sudbury Jr. Wolves
Palasad NoB74:45 PMWFSC-T Oakville Rangers4-1London Jr. Knights
Palasad SoB85:00 PMCA-A Whitby Wildcats3-4Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
WhiteMM175:00 PMWFSC-LC Whitby Wildcats1-3Thunder Bay Kings
Kelsey's DMB75:15 PMWFSC-Was Vaughan Kings3-5Lambton Jr. Sting
Pete's SpoMB85:45 PMWFSC-H Don Mills Flyers1-4Chatham Kent Cyclones
Black (XOVER)MM186:00 PMWFSC-T Vaughan Kings2-1North York Rangers
GreenMM206:15 PMCA-A Cleveland Barons U151-7Ajax Pickering Raiders
Black (XOVER)MM216:15 PMWFSC-LC York Simcoe Express7-1CI Hockey Academy
WhiteMM196:30 PMWFSC-Was Barrie Jr. Colts3-4Peterborough Petes
Black (XOVER)MM227:00 PMWFSC-H Elgin Middlesex Chiefs2-4Halton Hurricanes
OrangeMM237:15 PMWFSC-T Niagara North Stars0-1Brampton 45's
Pete's SpoMB97:30 PMCA-A Southern Tier Admirals3-0Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
GoldMM257:30 PMWFSC-LC Ottawa Jr. Senators2-2London Jr. Knights
GreenMM247:45 PMWFSC-Was Mississauga Senators2-2Waterloo Wolves
Black (XOVER)MM268:15 PMWFSC-H Jimmy John's Hockey0-6Toronto Jr. Canadiens
OrangeMM278:30 PMWFSC-T Buffalo Saints0-4Brantford 99er's
Kelsey's DMB108:45 PMCA-A Brampton 45's4-4Ajax Pickering Raiders
GoldMM289:00 PMWFSC-Was Toronto Red Wings4-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
Saturday, October 11, 2014
Pete's SpoMB118:15 AMWFSC-LC Elgin Middlesex Chiefs1-1Don Mills Flyers
Pete's SpoMB128:30 AMWFSC-Was Whitby Wildcats4-1Chatham Kent Cyclones
Blue (XOVER)MM298:45 AMWFSC-H North York Rangers3-8York Simcoe Express
Blue (XOVER)MM309:00 AMWFSC-T CI Hockey Academy2-7Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Blue (XOVER)MM319:30 AMWFSC-LC Halton Hurricanes3-0Jimmy John's Hockey
Blue (XOVER)MM329:45 AMWFSC-Was Toronto Jr. Canadiens4-3Vaughan Kings
GreenMM3310:00 AMWFSC-H Waterloo Wolves1-3Toronto Young Nats
GreenMM3410:15 AMWFSC-T Cleveland Barons U150-2Mississauga Senators
OrangeMM3510:45 AMWFSC-LC Buffalo Saints2-4Don Mills Flyers
Kelsey's DMB1311:00 AMWFSC-Was London Jr. Knights7-3Ajax Pickering Raiders
Kelsey's DMB1411:15 AMWFSC-H Brampton 45's4-2Vaughan Kings
WhiteMM3611:30 AMWFSC-T Burlington Eagles2-2Peterborough Petes
Palasad SoB912:00 PMWFSC-LC Sudbury Jr. Wolves2-3Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Palasad SoB1012:15 PMWFSC-Was Toronto Jr. Canadiens1-2Whitby Wildcats
Palasad NoB1112:30 PMWFSC-H Thunder Bay Kings3-2London Jr. Knights
Palasad NoB1212:45 PMWFSC-T Ajax Pickering Raiders3-3Oakville Rangers
Pete's SpoMB151:00 PMNIC A Chatham Kent Cyclones2-1Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
GoldMM371:15 PMWFSC-LC Kingston Jr. Frontenacs2-2London Jr. Knights
GoldMM381:30 PMWFSC-Was Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs4-2Ottawa Jr. Senators
WhiteMM391:45 PMWFSC-H Barrie Jr. Colts4-0Whitby Wildcats
OrangeMM402:00 PMWFSC-T Brantford 99er's1-3Brampton 45's
Pete's SpoMB162:15 PMNIC A Southern Tier Admirals0-0Whitby Wildcats
GreenMM412:30 PMWFSC-LC Mississauga Senators2-3Ajax Pickering Raiders
GreenMM422:45 PMWFSC-Was Toronto Young Nats7-0Cleveland Barons U15
Black (XOVER)MM433:00 PMWFSC-H York Simcoe Express4-2Halton Hurricanes
Black (XOVER)MM443:15 PMWFSC-T Jimmy John's Hockey2-1North York Rangers
Kelsey's DMB173:30 PMNIC A Ajax Pickering Raiders6-2Lambton Jr. Sting
Black (XOVER)MM453:45 PMWFSC-LC Elgin Middlesex Chiefs0-1Toronto Jr. Canadiens
Black (XOVER)MM464:00 PMWFSC-Was Vaughan Kings3-0CI Hockey Academy
OrangeMM474:15 PMWFSC-H Niagara North Stars3-0Buffalo Saints
WhiteMM484:30 PMWFSC-T Thunder Bay Kings2-1Peterborough Petes
Kelsey's DMB184:45 PMNIC A Vaughan Kings2-4London Jr. Knights
GoldMM495:00 PMWFSC-LC Toronto Red Wings4-2Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
Palasad SoB135:15 PMWFSC-Was Sudbury Jr. Wolves3-1Whitby Wildcats
Palasad SoB145:30 PMWFSC-H Elgin Middlesex Chiefs3-1Toronto Jr. Canadiens
Pete's SpoMB196:00 PMNIC A Don Mills Flyers1-5Southern Tier Admirals
OrangeMM506:15 PMWFSC-LC Don Mills Flyers4-1Brampton 45's
WhiteMM516:30 PMWFSC-Was Whitby Wildcats2-2Burlington Eagles
Palasad NoB156:45 PMWFSC-H Thunder Bay Kings3-3Oakville Rangers
GoldMM527:30 PMWFSC-LC London Jr. Knights7-1Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
GreenMM537:45 PMWFSC-Was Ajax Pickering Raiders1-1Waterloo Wolves
Palasad NoB168:00 PMWFSC-H London Jr. Knights5-0Ajax Pickering Raiders
Kelsey's DMB208:30 PMNIC A Lambton Jr. Sting1-5Brampton 45's
WhiteMM548:45 PMWFSC-LC Thunder Bay Kings4-3Barrie Jr. Colts
OrangeMM559:00 PMWFSC-Was Brantford 99er's1-6Niagara North Stars
GoldMM569:15 PMWFSC-H Ottawa Jr. Senators0-3Toronto Red Wings
Sunday, October 12, 2014
Black (XOVER)MM578:00 AMWFSC-LC Toronto Red Wings1-4Toronto Jr. Canadiens
OrangeMM588:15 AMWFSC-Was Brampton 45's0-2Don Mills Flyers
Green (XOVER)MM598:30 AMWFSC-H Vaughan Kings3-1Ajax Pickering Raiders
Gold (XOVER)MM608:45 AMWFSC-T Thunder Bay Kings1-3London Jr. Knights
Kelsey's D (XOVER)MB219:30 AMWFSC-LC Southern Tier Admirals1-6London Jr. Knights
Pete's Spo (XOVER)MB229:45 AMWFSC-Was Ajax Pickering Raiders1-0Whitby Wildcats
Palasad So (XOVER)B1710:00 AMWFSC-H Oakville Rangers3-4Whitby Wildcats
Palasad So (XOVER)B1810:30 AMWFSC-T Thunder Bay Kings0-5Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Black (XOVER)MM6111:00 AMWFSC-Was London Jr. Knights2-5Toronto Jr. Canadiens
Orange (XOVER)MM6211:30 AMWFSC-H Vaughan Kings0-3Don Mills Flyers
Kelsey's DMB2312:45 PMWFSC-Was Ajax Pickering Raiders1-5London Jr. Knights
Palasad SoB191:30 PMWFSC-LC Whitby Wildcats1-2Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Black (XOVER)MM633:15 PMWFSC-LC Don Mills Flyers1-2Toronto Jr. Canadiens
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