Schedule & Results, AA Triple 20 Shootout Tournament, 2017-2018 (London Junior Knights)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, October 13, 2017
MB Green18:00 AMChrysler Gloucester Rangers 5-2St. Thomas Stars
MB Green28:00 AMNic A Birmingham Rangers3-9Oakville Rangers RED
MB Green38:00 AMKin A Mississauga Terriers 6-4Aurora Tigers
B Green48:00 AMStr A Goulding Park Rangers5-2Mississauga Beast
MM Green58:00 AMARG A Brantford 99ers8-6Caledon Hawks
B White68:15 AMNic C Gloucester Rangers 1-3Orangeville Flyers
B Green78:15 AMHarveys St. Clair Shore Saints RED0-1Newmarket Redmen
MB White108:30 AMNic B Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets 4-2Burlington Eagles GOLD
MB White118:30 AMStr B West Mall Lightning 1-5Whitby Wildcats
MB White128:30 AMHanstone Belle River Canadians3-4London Jr. Knights White
MM Green88:30 AMARG B Markham Waxers0-4Kingston Canadians
MM Green98:30 AMKin B Guelph Jr. Gryphons 3-3Streetsville Tigers
B Green138:45 AMTonys London Jr. Knights Green2-2Nickel City Sons
B White1410:00 AMChrysler Mississauga Blackhawks 4-6London Jr. Knights White
MB - Black1510:00 AMNic A Oakville Rangers BLUE 4-2Ted Reeve Thunder
MM - Black1610:00 AMStr A Newmarket 2-3Burlington Eagles Gold
MM - Black1710:00 AMKin A Michigan Ice Hawks 3-4London Jr. Knights White
MM - Black1810:00 AMARG A Whitby Wildcats6-1Toronto Shamrocks
MB - Black1910:15 AMNic C Burlington Eagles BLUE 2-6Streetsville Tigers
B White2010:15 AMHarveys Milton Winterhawks 3-6KV Rebels
MB - Black2110:30 AMHanstone Compuware 5-0London Jr. Knights Green
B - Black2210:30 AMARG B Ottawa Sting9-4Stouffville Clippers
B - Black2310:30 AMKin B North Toronto 2-6Caledon Hawks
B - Black2410:30 AMNic B Compuware 6-3Kitchener Rangers RED
MM White2510:30 AMStr B Oakville Rangers BLUE6-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MM White2610:45 AMTonys Georgina Blaze3-5London Jr. Knights Green
MM White2712:15 PMChrysler Barrie Colts4-2North Toronto
MB Green2812:45 PMKin B Oakville Rangers RED 2-1Gloucester Rangers
MB Green2912:45 PMNic B Aurora Tigers2-4Birmingham Rangers
MB Green3012:45 PMStr B St. Thomas Stars3-6Mississauga Terriers
B Green311:45 PMHarveys Newmarket Redmen1-1London Jr. Knights Green
B Green321:45 PMKin A Goulding Park Rangers6-1St. Clair Shore Saints RED
B Green331:45 PMARG A Nickel City Sons 6-2Mississauga Beast
MM Green341:45 PMStr A Kingston Canadians 1-3Brantford 99ers
MM Green351:45 PMNic A Caledon Hawks5-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MM Green362:00 PMHanstone Streetsville Tigers 5-1Markham Waxers
MB White372:15 PMTonys West Mall Lightning 3-8London Jr. Knights White
MB White382:15 PMChrysler Whitby Wildcats1-4Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MB White393:00 PMNic B Burlington Eagles GOLD 2-4Belle River Canadians
B White403:00 PMARG B KV Rebels 0-8Gloucester Rangers
MM - Black413:00 PMKin B Newmarket 3-6Michigan Ice Hawks
B White423:00 PMStr B Orangeville Flyers 5-3Mississauga Blackhawks
B White433:45 PMHarveys London Jr. Knights White5-4Milton Winterhawks
MM - Black444:00 PMHanstone London Jr. Knights White4-1Whitby Wildcats
MM - Black454:15 PMTonys Toronto Shamrocks 1-5Burlington Eagles Gold
MB - Black464:30 PMChrysler Ted Reeve Thunder 2-5Compuware
MB - Black476:00 PMHarveys Streetsville Tigers3-4Oakville Rangers BLUE
MB - Black486:15 PMHanstone London Jr. Knights Green11-2Burlington Eagles BLUE
B - Black496:30 PMTonys Kitchener Rangers RED6-2North Toronto
B - Black506:45 PMChrysler Caledon Hawks 4-5Ottawa Sting
B - Black518:00 PMHarveys Stouffville Clippers 0-6Compuware
MM White528:15 PMHanstone London Jr. Knights Green3-1Oakville Rangers BLUE
MM White538:30 PMTonys Windsor Jr. Spitfires 3-5Barrie Colts
MM White548:45 PMChrysler North Toronto 5-0Georgina Blaze
Saturday, October 14, 2017
MB - Black557:00 AMChrysler Burlington Eagles BLUE 4-3Ted Reeve Thunder
MB - Black567:15 AMHarveys Oakville Rangers BLUE 3-4Compuware
MB - Black577:30 AMHanstone Streetsville Tigers0-5London Jr. Knights Green
MB White587:45 AMTonys Burlington Eagles GOLD 2-2London Jr. Knights White
MB White598:00 AMKin A Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets 7-2West Mall Lightning
MB White608:30 AMKin B Belle River Canadians0-3Whitby Wildcats
MB Green618:45 AMBud Gdns Birmingham Rangers2-3Gloucester Rangers
MB Green629:00 AMChrysler Mississauga Terriers 0-5Oakville Rangers RED
MB Green639:15 AMHarveys St. Thomas Stars6-2Aurora Tigers
B Green649:30 AMHanstone Mississauga Beast 2-6London Jr. Knights Green
B Green659:45 AMTonys Newmarket Redmen4-2Goulding Park Rangers
B Green6610:00 AMKin A St. Clair Shore Saints RED1-6Nickel City Sons
B - Black6710:30 AMKin B North Toronto 2-4Ottawa Sting
B - Black6811:15 AMChrysler Caledon Hawks 0-1Compuware
B - Black6911:30 AMHarveys Stouffville Clippers 0-6Kitchener Rangers RED
B White7011:45 AMHanstone Orangeville Flyers 2-6London Jr. Knights White
B White7112:00 PMTonys Milton Winterhawks 5-2Gloucester Rangers
B White7212:15 PMKin A Mississauga Blackhawks 4-4KV Rebels
MM White7312:45 PMKin B North Toronto 3-5Oakville Rangers BLUE
MM White741:00 PMBud Gdns Windsor Jr. Spitfires 1-9London Jr. Knights Green
MM White751:15 PMChrysler Georgina Blaze3-2Barrie Colts
MM - Black761:30 PMHarveys Toronto Shamrocks 2-4Michigan Ice Hawks
MM Green791:45 PMHanstone Markham Waxers4-1Caledon Hawks
MM - Black782:00 PMTonys Whitby Wildcats2-6Burlington Eagles Gold
MM - Black773:00 PMBud Gdns Newmarket 0-4London Jr. Knights White
MM Green803:30 PMChrysler Kingston Canadians 2-6Streetsville Tigers
MM Green813:45 PMHarveys Brantford 99ers4-4Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MB - Champ824:00 PMHanstone London Jr. Knights Green5-4London Jr. Knights White
MB - Champ834:15 PMTonys Whitby Wildcats4-6Compuware
MB - Champ845:15 PMBud Gdns Gloucester Rangers 2-6Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MB - Champ855:30 PMChrysler Oakville Rangers BLUE 1-4Oakville Rangers RED
B - Champ865:45 PMHarveys Newmarket Redmen3-6Nickel City Sons
B - Champ876:00 PMHanstone Kitchener Rangers RED5-1London Jr. Knights White
B - Champ886:15 PMTonys Goulding Park Rangers1-0Ottawa Sting
B - Champ897:30 PMBud Gdns Orangeville Flyers 6-4Compuware
MM - Champ907:45 PMChrysler Brantford 99ers2-1Streetsville Tigers
MM - Champ918:00 PMHarveys Michigan Ice Hawks 5-8Burlington Eagles Gold
MM - Champ928:15 PMHanstone Oakville Rangers BLUE3-4London Jr. Knights White
MM - Champ938:30 PMTonys Barrie Colts5-6London Jr. Knights Green
Sunday, October 15, 2017
MB - Champ948:00 AMChrysler London Jr. Knights Green3-2Oakville Rangers RED
MB - Champ958:00 AMHarveys Compuware 3-2Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
B - Champ968:30 AMHanstone Orangeville Flyers 4-3Nickel City Sons
B - Champ978:30 AMTonys Goulding Park Rangers4-3Kitchener Rangers RED
MM - Champ9810:00 AMChrysler Brantford 99ers2-7London Jr. Knights Green
MM - Champ9910:00 AMHarveys Burlington Eagles Gold3-1London Jr. Knights White
MB - Champ1002:00 PMChrysler London Jr. Knights Green6-2Compuware
B - Champ1012:30 PMHanstone Orangeville Flyers 2-6Goulding Park Rangers
MM - Champ1024:00 PMChrysler Burlington Eagles Gold1-5London Jr. Knights Green
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