Minor Midget, Divisions, AAA Wendy Dufton Memorial Tournament, 2018-2019 (London Junior Knights)

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Minor Midget
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, October 4, 2018
MM Grp C12:15 PMCollins Brantford 99ers 1-6Toronto Marlboros
MM Grp A22:45 PMTonys Oakville Rangers 1-3Huron Perth Lakers
MM Grp A33:30 PMChrysler Grey Bruce Highlanders 0-4Mississauga Rebels
MM Grp E43:45 PMCollins Central Ontario Wolves 0-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MM Grp G54:00 PMHanstone Peterborough Petes 1-2Mississauga Reps
MM Grp E64:15 PMTonys Niagara North Stars 3-1Lambton Jr. Sting
MM Grp D75:00 PMChrysler Don Mills Flyers 10-0Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
MM Grp F85:15 PMCollins Mississauga Senators 5-2Buffalo Regals
MM Grp F105:30 PMBud Gdns Elgin Middlesex Chiefs 1-2Ajax Pickering Raiders
MM Grp E95:30 PMHanstone Little Ceasars 3-0Markham Majors
MM Grp B115:45 PMTonys Barrie Colts 1-2Toronto Red Wings
MM Grp G126:30 PMChrysler London Jr. Knights 2-2Burlington Eagles
MM Grp A136:45 PMCollins York Simcoe Express 8-0Sun County Panthers
MM Grp B147:00 PMBud Gdns Chatham Kent Cyclones 3-3Vaughan Kings
MM Grp B157:00 PMHanstone Richmond Hill Coyotes 4-4Indy Jr. Fuel
MM Grp G167:15 PMTonys Whitby Wildcats 3-0Oakland Grizzlies
MM Grp C178:00 PMChrysler Sudbury Wolves 1-2Markham Waxers
MM Grp D188:15 PMCollins Chicago Mission 5-3Waterloo Wolves
MM Grp C198:30 PMBud Gdns Southern Tier Admirals 2-1Toronto Titans
MM Grp D208:30 PMHanstone Greater Kingston Frontenacs 3-2Cambridge Hawks
MM Grp F218:45 PMTonys Sault Ste Marie Thunderbirds 1-6Halton Hurricanes
Friday, October 5, 2018
MM Grp A258:00 AMChrysler York Simcoe Express 1-1Oakville Rangers
MM Grp A278:15 AMCollins Sun County Panthers 1-2Mississauga Rebels
MM Grp B298:30 AMNichols B Indy Jr. Fuel 0-3Barrie Colts
MM Grp A328:45 AMTonys Huron Perth Lakers 4-2Grey Bruce Highlanders
MM Grp B369:30 AMChrysler Vaughan Kings 2-2Richmond Hill Coyotes
MM Grp B389:45 AMCollins Toronto Red Wings 9-1Chatham Kent Cyclones
MM Grp C4210:00 AMKinsmen B Markham Waxers 1-3Brantford 99ers
MM Grp C4310:15 AMTonys Toronto Titans 1-7Sudbury Wolves
MM Grp D4611:00 AMKinsmen A Cambridge Hawks 0-7Don Mills Flyers
MM Grp C4711:00 AMChrysler Toronto Marlboros 2-1Southern Tier Admirals
MM Grp D4811:15 AMNichols C Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs 2-2Chicago Mission
MM Grp E4911:15 AMCollins Kitchener Jr. Rangers 4-1Niagara North Stars
MM Grp D5011:30 AMHanstone Waterloo Wolves 2-1Greater Kingston Frontenacs
MM Grp E5111:30 AMArgyle B Markham Majors 1-2Central Ontario Wolves
MM Grp E5211:30 AMNichols B Lambton Jr. Sting 0-4Little Ceasars
MM Grp F5311:30 AMKinsmen B Halton Hurricanes 3-0Mississauga Senators
MM Grp F5411:45 AMTonys Ajax Pickering Raiders 5-2Sault Ste Marie Thunderbirds
MM Grp F5512:00 PMStronach ABuffalo Regals 1-1Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
MM Grp G5612:30 PMNichols A Mississauga Reps 0-7Whitby Wildcats
MM Grp G5812:30 PMKinsmen A Burlington Eagles 1-5Peterborough Petes
MM Grp G5912:30 PMChrysler Oakland Grizzlies 1-3London Jr. Knights
MM Grp A6212:45 PMCollins Oakville Rangers 3-2Sun County Panthers
MM Grp A661:00 PMKinsmen B Grey Bruce Highlanders 0-5York Simcoe Express
MM Grp A681:30 PMStronach AMississauga Rebels 4-1Huron Perth Lakers
MM Grp B722:00 PMChrysler Barrie Colts 5-2Chatham Kent Cyclones
MM Grp B752:15 PMCollins Indy Jr. Fuel 3-3Vaughan Kings
MM Grp B782:45 PMTonys Richmond Hill Coyotes 3-5Toronto Red Wings
MM Grp C813:45 PMCollins Markham Waxers 3-1Toronto Titans
MM Grp C824:00 PMHanstone Sudbury Wolves 1-1Toronto Marlboros
MM Grp C834:15 PMTonys Brantford 99ers 4-4Southern Tier Admirals
MM Grp D845:00 PMChrysler Cambridge Hawks 0-4Chicago Mission
MM Grp D855:15 PMCollins Waterloo Wolves 2-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
MM Grp D865:30 PMHanstone Greater Kingston Frontenacs 1-7Don Mills Flyers
MM Grp E875:45 PMTonys Kitchener Jr. Rangers 5-1Markham Majors
MM Grp E886:30 PMChrysler Niagara North Stars 3-5Little Ceasars
MM Grp E896:45 PMCollins Lambton Jr. Sting 2-4Central Ontario Wolves
MM Grp F907:00 PMHanstone Elgin Middlesex Chiefs 2-3Halton Hurricanes
MM Grp F917:15 PMTonys Sault Ste Marie Thunderbirds 3-3Mississauga Senators
MM Grp G928:00 PMChrysler Peterborough Petes 3-5London Jr. Knights
MM Grp G938:15 PMCollins Whitby Wildcats 3-1Burlington Eagles
MM Grp F948:30 PMHanstone Ajax Pickering Raiders 4-2Buffalo Regals
MM Grp G958:45 PMTonys Mississauga Reps 0-4Oakland Grizzlies
Saturday, October 6, 2018
MM Grp F967:45 AMBud Gdns Buffalo Regals 5-2Sault Ste Marie Thunderbirds
MM Grp F978:00 AMChrysler Mississauga Senators 2-3Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
MM Grp F988:15 AMCollins Halton Hurricanes 0-3Ajax Pickering Raiders
MM Grp D998:30 AMHanstone Chicago Mission 7-0Greater Kingston Frontenacs
MM Grp G1008:45 AMTonys Burlington Eagles 1-5Mississauga Reps
MM Grp G1019:15 AMBud Gdns Oakland Grizzlies 1-1Peterborough Petes
MM Grp G1029:30 AMChrysler London Jr. Knights 1-3Whitby Wildcats
MM Grp D1039:45 AMCollins Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs 1-1Cambridge Hawks
MM Grp D10410:00 AMHanstone Don Mills Flyers 6-0Waterloo Wolves
MM Grp E10510:15 AMTonys Central Ontario Wolves 0-4Niagara North Stars
MM Grp E10611:00 AMChrysler Markham Majors 1-1Lambton Jr. Sting
MM Grp E10711:15 AMCollins Little Ceasars 5-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers
MM Grp A10811:30 AMHanstone Sun County Panthers 1-1Grey Bruce Highlanders
MM Grp A10911:45 AMTonys Huron Perth Lakers 4-7York Simcoe Express
MM Grp B11012:15 PMNichols C Chatham Kent Cyclones 3-2Richmond Hill Coyotes
MM Grp B11112:30 PMChrysler Toronto Red Wings 3-1Indy Jr. Fuel
MM Grp A11212:45 PMCollins Mississauga Rebels 4-1Oakville Rangers
MM Grp B1131:00 PMHanstone Vaughan Kings 1-1Barrie Colts
MM Grp C1141:00 PMBud Gdns Toronto Marlboros 5-2Markham Waxers
MM Grp C1151:00 PMNichols A Southern Tier Admirals 1-4Sudbury Wolves
MM Grp C1161:15 PMTonys Toronto Titans 0-3Brantford 99ers
MM Champ1335:30 PMChrysler Central Ontario Wolves 0-5Don Mills Flyers
MM Champ1345:30 PMBostwick AHalton Hurricanes 3-2York Simcoe Express
MM Champ1355:45 PMCollins London Jr. Knights 3-4Little Ceasars
MM Champ1366:00 PMHanstone Kitchener Jr. Rangers 2-1Mississauga Rebels
MM Champ1376:15 PMTonys Barrie Colts 2-3Ajax Pickering Raiders
MM Champ1386:15 PMBud Gdns Toronto Marlboros 2-1Chicago Mission
MM Champ1397:00 PMChrysler Sudbury Wolves 3-2Toronto Red Wings
MM Champ1407:00 PMBostwick ABrantford 99ers 4-2Whitby Wildcats
Sunday, October 7, 2018
MM Champ16511:15 AMCollins Brantford 99ers 0-1Little Ceasars
MM Champ16611:15 AMChrysler Kitchener Jr. Rangers 1-4Don Mills Flyers
MM Champ16711:30 AMHanstone Sudbury Wolves 3-2Ajax Pickering Raiders
MM Champ16811:30 AMTonys Halton Hurricanes 4-5Toronto Marlboros
MM Champ1732:30 PMChrysler Sudbury Wolves 1-6Don Mills Flyers
MM Champ1742:30 PMHanstone Toronto Marlboros 2-0Little Ceasars
MM Champ1777:15 PMChrysler Toronto Marlboros 1-6Don Mills Flyers
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Argyle B - ARGYLE B-PAD, 1948 Wavell St, London, On. Phone: 519-661-4419
  • Bostwick A - BOSTWICK CC - A Pad, 501 Southdale Rd W , London, On
  • Bud Gdns - BUDWEISER GARDENS, 99 Dundas St , London, On. Phone: 519-667-5700
  • Kinsmen A - KINSMEN A-PAD, 20 Granville, London, On. Phone: 661-2489x7322
  • Kinsmen B - KINSMEN B-PAD, 20 Granville, London, On. Phone: 661-2489x7322
  • Nichols A - NICHOLS A-PAD, 799 Homeview Rd, London, On. Phone: 661-2489x4485
  • Nichols B - NICHOLS B-PAD, 799 Homeview Ave, London, On. Phone: 661-2489x4485
  • Nichols C - NICHOLS C-PAD, 799 Homeview Rd, London, On. Phone: 661-2489x4485
  • Stronach A - STRONACH A-PAD, 1221 Sandford St, London, On. Phone: 661-2489x4704
  • Collins - WFSC - COLLINS CLOTHIERS, 865 Florence St, London, On. Phone: (519) 438-7203
  • Hanstone - WFSC - HANSTONE QUARTZ, 865 Florence St, London, On. Phone: (519) 438-7203
  • Chrysler - WFSC - LONDON CITY CHRYSLER, 865 Florence St, London, On. Phone: (519) 438-7203
  • Tonys - WFSC - TONYS, 865 Florence St, London, On. Phone: (519) 438-7203

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