Schedule & Results, AAA Wendy Dufton Memorial Tournament, 2019-2020 (London Junior Knights)

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Thursday, October 10, 2019
MM Grp F12:00 PMChrysler Halton Hurricanes 1-5Waterloo Wolves
MM Grp D22:30 PMHanstone Sun County Panthers 0-6Southern Tier Admirals
MM Grp F32:30 PMCollins Don Mills Flyers 3-1Hamilton Jr Bulldogs
MM Grp C42:45 PMTonys Markham Majors 3-3Cambridge Hawks
MM Grp D53:15 PMNichols C Kingston Jr Gaels 1-0Huron Perth Lakers
MM Grp E63:30 PMChrysler Oakville Rangers 2-1London Jr Knights
MM Grp D74:00 PMHanstone Vaughan Kings 6-1Central Ontario Wolves
MM Grp C84:00 PMCollins Barrie Colts 1-3Guelph Gryphons
MM Grp B94:15 PMTonys Brampton 45s 1-3Mississauga Reps
MM Grp G105:15 PMChrysler Niagara North Stars 1-1Windsor Spitfires
MM Grp A115:30 PMHanstone Toronto Red Wings 0-2Ajax Pickering Raiders
MM Grp A125:45 PMCollins Burlington Eagles 4-0Markham Waxers
MM Grp A136:00 PMTonys Chicago Fury 3-2Lambton Jr Sting
MM Grp B146:45 PMChrysler Whitby Wildcats 5-3Grey Bruce Highlanders
MM Grp C157:00 PMHanstone South Kent Academy 7-0Peterborough Petes
MM Grp B167:15 PMCollins Mississauga Rebels 6-2Tri State Spartans
MM Grp F177:30 PMTonys Brantford 99ers 3-0Oshawa Generals
MM Grp E188:15 PMChrysler North York Rangers 0-3Richmond Hill Coyotes
MM Grp E198:30 PMHanstone North Bay Trappers 3-4Belle Tire
MM Grp G208:45 PMCollins York Simcoe Express 2-1Toronto Young Nationals
MM Grp G219:00 PMTonys Oakland Grizzlies 5-0North Central Predators
Friday, October 11, 2019
MM Grp A228:00 AMNichols A Ajax Pickering Raiders 1-2Chicago Fury
MM Grp A238:00 AMKinsmen A Lambton Jr Sting 2-3Burlington Eagles
MM Grp A248:00 AMBostwick AMarkham Waxers 2-2Toronto Red Wings
MM Grp B258:00 AMChrysler Tri State Spartans 0-3Brampton 45s
MM Grp B268:15 AMCollins Mississauga Reps 3-0Grey Bruce Highlanders
MB Grp A278:15 AMNichols C Chicago Fury 4-2North York Rangers
MM Grp B288:30 AMHanstone Whitby Wildcats 2-6Mississauga Rebels
MB Grp A298:30 AMNichols B Nickel City Sons 0-3North Central Predators
MB Grp B308:30 AMKinsmen B Niagara North Stars 2-4Ottawa 67s
MB Grp D318:30 AMStronach ABrampton 45s 6-0Tri State Spartans
MB Grp B328:30 AMBostwick BWindsor Spitfires 2-1Kingston Jr Gaels
MM Grp C338:45 AMTonys Peterborough Petes 2-5Markham Majors
MB Grp D349:00 AMStronach BVaughan Kings 4-7Richmond Hill Coyotes
MB Grp C359:30 AMNichols A North Bay Trappers 1-1Quinte Red Devils
Ban Grp A369:30 AMKinsmen A Tri State Spartans 1-8Oakville Rangers
MB Grp C379:30 AMBostwick ALondon Jr Knights 1-3Grey Bruce Highlanders
MM Grp C389:30 AMChrysler Cambridge Hawks 0-5Barrie Colts
MM Grp C399:45 AMCollins Guelph Gryphons 3-7South Kent Academy
Ban Grp A409:45 AMNichols C Ottawa 67s 3-2Huron Perth Lakers
Ban Grp D4110:00 AMHanstone Nickel City Sons 1-1London Jr Knights
Ban Grp B4210:00 AMStronach AChicago Fury 1-1Central Ontario Wolves
Ban Grp C4310:00 AMNichols B Lambton Jr Sting 1-5York Simcoe Express
Ban Grp C4410:00 AMKinsmen B Halton Hurricanes 3-0Toronto Red Wings
Ban Grp D4510:00 AMBostwick BMississauga Senators 1-2Barrie Colts
MM Grp D4610:15 AMTonys Kingston Jr Gaels 1-1Vaughan Kings
Ban Grp B4710:30 AMStronach BVictory Honda 2-7Grey Bruce Highlanders
MM Grp E4811:15 AMNichols A Richmond Hill Coyotes 1-4North Bay Trappers
MM Grp F4911:15 AMKinsmen A Hamilton Jr Bulldogs 0-4Brantford 99ers
MM Grp F5011:15 AMBostwick AOshawa Generals 2-2Waterloo Wolves
MM Grp E5111:15 AMChrysler London Jr Knights 6-1North York Rangers
MM Grp D5211:30 AMCollins Southern Tier Admirals 5-4Huron Perth Lakers
MM Grp F5311:30 AMNichols C Halton Hurricanes 1-3Don Mills Flyers
MM Grp D5411:45 AMHanstone Central Ontario Wolves 2-5Sun County Panthers
MM Grp G5511:45 AMNichols B North Central Predators 1-3Niagara North Stars
MM Grp E5611:45 AMKinsmen B Belle Tire 1-5Oakville Rangers
MM Grp G5711:45 AMBostwick BYork Simcoe Express 1-3Windsor Spitfires
MM Grp G5812:00 PMTonys Toronto Young Nationals 2-2Oakland Grizzlies
MB Grp A5912:45 PMBostwick ANorth Central Predators 3-1Chicago Fury
MM Grp A601:00 PMChrysler Burlington Eagles 1-5Ajax Pickering Raiders
MM Grp A611:15 PMCollins Lambton Jr Sting 3-2Markham Waxers
MB Grp A621:15 PMBostwick BNorth York Rangers 2-4Nickel City Sons
MB Grp D631:30 PMStronach ARichmond Hill Coyotes 3-1Brampton 45s
MB Grp B641:30 PMNichols A Ottawa 67s 3-0Windsor Spitfires
MB Grp B651:30 PMKinsmen A Kingston Jr Gaels 3-0Niagara North Stars
MM Grp B661:30 PMHanstone Tri State Spartans 0-2Mississauga Reps
MB Grp C671:45 PMNichols C Quinte Red Devils 0-1London Jr Knights
MM Grp A681:45 PMTonys Chicago Fury 1-0Toronto Red Wings
MB Grp D692:00 PMStronach BTri State Spartans 1-5Vaughan Kings
MB Grp C702:00 PMNichols B Grey Bruce Highlanders 7-0North Bay Trappers
MM Grp B712:00 PMKinsmen B Brampton 45s 1-4Whitby Wildcats
Ban Grp A722:30 PMBostwick AOakville Rangers 4-0Ottawa 67s
MM Grp C732:45 PMChrysler Barrie Colts 1-3Markham Majors
Ban Grp B743:00 PMStronach ACentral Ontario Wolves 1-3Victory Honda
MM Grp B753:00 PMNichols A Grey Bruce Highlanders 3-6Mississauga Rebels
MM Grp C763:00 PMCollins Cambridge Hawks 1-4South Kent Academy
Ban Grp A773:00 PMBostwick BHuron Perth Lakers 3-2Tri State Spartans
Ban Grp C783:15 PMNichols C Toronto Red Wings 4-1Lambton Jr Sting
MM Grp C793:15 PMHanstone Guelph Gryphons 2-0Peterborough Petes
Ban Grp C803:30 PMNichols B York Simcoe Express 3-4Halton Hurricanes
Ban Grp D813:30 PMKinsmen B Barrie Colts 2-2Nickel City Sons
Ban Grp D823:30 PMTonys London Jr Knights 0-2Mississauga Senators
Ban Grp B833:30 PMStronach BGrey Bruce Highlanders 3-3Chicago Fury
MM Grp D844:30 PMChrysler Huron Perth Lakers 0-2Vaughan Kings
MM Grp D854:45 PMCollins Sun County Panthers 2-2Kingston Jr Gaels
MM Grp D865:00 PMHanstone Central Ontario Wolves 2-7Southern Tier Admirals
MM Grp E875:15 PMTonys Belle Tire 4-4Richmond Hill Coyotes
MM Grp E886:15 PMChrysler North Bay Trappers 0-3London Jr Knights
MM Grp E896:30 PMCollins Oakville Rangers 4-0North York Rangers
MM Grp F906:45 PMHanstone Brantford 99ers 4-0Halton Hurricanes
MM Grp F917:00 PMTonys Waterloo Wolves 2-0Don Mills Flyers
MM Grp F928:00 PMChrysler Hamilton Jr Bulldogs 3-1Oshawa Generals
MM Grp G938:15 PMCollins Toronto Young Nationals 5-3Niagara North Stars
MM Grp G948:30 PMHanstone Oakland Grizzlies 5-0York Simcoe Express
MM Grp G958:45 PMTonys Windsor Spitfires 4-1North Central Predators
Saturday, October 12, 2019
MM Grp D967:45 AMTonys Southern Tier Admirals 1-3Kingston Jr Gaels
MM Grp E978:00 AMChrysler North York Rangers 1-1North Bay Trappers
MM Grp D988:15 AMCollins Huron Perth Lakers 2-0Central Ontario Wolves
MM Grp D998:30 AMHanstone Vaughan Kings 1-0Sun County Panthers
MM Grp E1009:15 AMTonys Richmond Hill Coyotes 1-2Oakville Rangers
MM Grp E1019:30 AMChrysler London Jr Knights 3-0Belle Tire
MM Grp F1029:45 AMCollins Oshawa Generals 3-3Halton Hurricanes
MM Grp F10310:00 AMHanstone Don Mills Flyers 0-2Brantford 99ers
MM Grp F10411:00 AMTonys Waterloo Wolves 2-0Hamilton Jr Bulldogs
MM Grp G10511:00 AMBostwick ANiagara North Stars 2-2York Simcoe Express
MM Grp A10611:15 AMChrysler Markham Waxers 3-6Chicago Fury
MM Grp A10711:30 AMCollins Ajax Pickering Raiders 1-2Lambton Jr Sting
MM Grp G10811:30 AMBostwick BNorth Central Predators 1-4Toronto Young Nationals
MM Grp B10911:45 AMHanstone Mississauga Rebels 6-2Brampton 45s
MM Grp A11012:30 PMTonys Toronto Red Wings 3-5Burlington Eagles
MM Grp G11112:30 PMBostwick AWindsor Spitfires 0-3Oakland Grizzlies
MM Grp B11212:45 PMChrysler Mississauga Reps 1-0Whitby Wildcats
MM Grp C11312:45 PMNichols C Peterborough Petes 2-4Cambridge Hawks
MM Grp B1141:00 PMCollins Grey Bruce Highlanders 3-2Tri State Spartans
MM Grp C1151:00 PMNichols A Markham Majors 3-0Guelph Gryphons
MM Grp C1161:00 PMBostwick BSouth Kent Academy 1-3Barrie Colts
MB Grp A (XOVER)1171:15 PMHanstone London Jr Knights 2-5Nickel City Sons
MB Grp C (XOVER)1182:00 PMBostwick AChicago Fury 2-1North Bay Trappers
MB Grp A (XOVER)1192:15 PMTonys Quinte Red Devils 2-1North York Rangers
MB Grp C (XOVER)1202:15 PMNichols C North Central Predators 3-0Grey Bruce Highlanders
MB Grp B (XOVER)1212:30 PMChrysler Brampton 45s 0-3Ottawa 67s
MB Grp D (XOVER)1222:30 PMNichols A Kingston Jr Gaels 2-4Vaughan Kings
MB Grp B (XOVER)1232:30 PMBostwick BTri State Spartans 2-7Windsor Spitfires
MB Grp D (XOVER)1242:45 PMCollins Niagara North Stars 1-5Richmond Hill Coyotes
Ban Grp A (XOVER)1253:00 PMHanstone Toronto Red Wings 0-9Oakville Rangers
Ban Grp C (XOVER)1263:30 PMBostwick AHuron Perth Lakers 0-6York Simcoe Express
Ban Grp A (XOVER)1273:45 PMTonys Lambton Jr Sting 1-3Ottawa 67s
Ban Grp C (XOVER)1284:00 PMNichols C Tri State Spartans 3-6Halton Hurricanes
Ban Grp D (XOVER)1294:00 PMBostwick BVictory Honda 3-3Mississauga Senators
Ban Grp B (XOVER)1304:00 PMChrysler Nickel City Sons 1-4Chicago Fury
Ban Grp D (XOVER)1314:15 PMCollins Central Ontario Wolves 1-2London Jr Knights
Ban Grp B (XOVER)1324:15 PMNichols A Barrie Colts 2-4Grey Bruce Highlanders
MM Champ1334:30 PMHanstone Windsor Spitfires 6-2Brantford 99ers
MM Champ1345:00 PMCarl A Markham Majors 0-4Waterloo Wolves
MM Champ1355:15 PMBostwick ASouthern Tier Admirals 3-1Chicago Fury
MM Champ1365:30 PMNichols C Kingston Jr Gaels 1-4Mississauga Rebels
MM Champ1375:45 PMNichols A Toronto Young Nationals 4-0Mississauga Reps
MM Champ1385:45 PMBostwick BSouth Kent Academy 3-4Oakland Grizzlies
MM Champ1395:45 PMTonys Burlington Eagles 1-2Oakville Rangers
MM Champ1406:00 PMChrysler London Jr Knights 3-2Vaughan Kings
MB Grp C1416:15 PMCollins North Bay Trappers 3-5London Jr Knights
MB Grp A1426:30 PMCarl A Nickel City Sons 3-2Chicago Fury
MB Grp C1436:30 PMHanstone Grey Bruce Highlanders 1-4Quinte Red Devils
MB Grp A1447:00 PMBostwick ANorth York Rangers 0-3North Central Predators
MB Grp D1457:15 PMNichols C Vaughan Kings 4-1Brampton 45s
MB Grp B1467:30 PMTonys Ottawa 67s 3-2Kingston Jr Gaels
MB Grp D1477:30 PMBostwick BRichmond Hill Coyotes 2-1Tri State Spartans
Ban Grp C1487:30 PMNichols A York Simcoe Express 7-1Toronto Red Wings
MB Grp B1497:45 PMChrysler Windsor Spitfires 0-1Niagara North Stars
Ban Grp A1508:00 PMCollins Oakville Rangers 6-3Huron Perth Lakers
Ban Grp C1518:15 PMHanstone Halton Hurricanes 2-5Lambton Jr Sting
Ban Grp A1528:30 PMBostwick AOttawa 67s 4-2Tri State Spartans
Ban Grp B1538:45 PMNichols C Grey Bruce Highlanders 4-6Central Ontario Wolves
Ban Grp D1549:00 PMTonys London Jr Knights 2-2Barrie Colts
Ban Grp B1559:00 PMBostwick BChicago Fury 2-0Victory Honda
Ban Grp D1569:00 PMNichols A Mississauga Senators 2-5Nickel City Sons
Sunday, October 13, 2019
MB Champ1577:30 AMHanstone Windsor Spitfires 1-4North Central Predators
MB Champ1587:30 AMTonys Grey Bruce Highlanders 1-3Richmond Hill Coyotes
MB Champ1598:00 AMChrysler Vaughan Kings 3-2Quinte Red Devils
MB Champ1608:00 AMCollins Nickel City Sons 0-4Ottawa 67s
Ban Champ1619:00 AMHanstone Grey Bruce Highlanders 4-8Oakville Rangers
Ban Champ1629:00 AMTonys Barrie Colts 2-3Halton Hurricanes
Ban Champ1639:30 AMChrysler Ottawa 67s 2-3Chicago Fury
Ban Champ1649:30 AMCollins York Simcoe Express 3-1Nickel City Sons
MM Champ16510:45 AMHanstone Toronto Young Nationals 0-2Mississauga Rebels
MM Champ16610:45 AMTonys Southern Tier Admirals 0-5Oakland Grizzlies
MM Champ16711:15 AMChrysler London Jr Knights 2-1Waterloo Wolves
MM Champ16811:15 AMCollins Windsor Spitfires 0-4Oakville Rangers
MB Champ16912:30 PMHanstone Richmond Hill Coyotes 6-0North Central Predators
MB Champ17012:30 PMTonys Vaughan Kings 6-2Ottawa 67s
Ban Champ1711:30 PMChrysler Halton Hurricanes 1-6Oakville Rangers
Ban Champ1722:00 PMHanstone Chicago Fury 0-2York Simcoe Express
MM Champ1733:30 PMChrysler London Jr Knights 6-3Oakville Rangers
MM Champ1743:45 PMHanstone Oakland Grizzlies 5-2Mississauga Rebels
MB Champ1755:15 PMChrysler Vaughan Kings 3-5Richmond Hill Coyotes
Ban Champ1766:45 PMChrysler York Simcoe Express 1-2Oakville Rangers
MM Champ1778:30 PMChrysler London Jr Knights 2-4Oakland Grizzlies
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