Schedule & Results, AAA Gold and Green Invitational, 2011-2012 (London Junior Knights)

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Friday, October 14, 2011
Green (XOVER)MM-19:00 AMWFSC-H London Jr. Knights (Gold)6-3Alabama Thunder
Gold (XOVER)MB-19:15 AMWFSC-T Eastern Ontario Wild1-3London Jr. Knights
Green (XOVER)MB-29:30 AMSTR B Central Ontario Wolves0-2Halton Hurricanes
Black (XOVER)MB-39:30 AMWFSC-DDS Brampton Battalion4-2Buffalo Regals
Gold (XOVER)MB-410:00 AMSTR A Chatham-Kent Cyclones4-3Soo Greyhounds
Green (XOVER)MM-210:00 AMWFSC-LC Toronto Jr. Canadiens4-2Thunder Bay Kings
Black (XOVER)MM-310:30 AMWFSC-H Don Mills Flyers5-0Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Green (XOVER)MB-510:45 AMWFSC-T Niagara Rivermen1-1Allan Park Huskies
Gold (XOVER)B-111:00 AMSTR B Pittsburg Hornets2-3London Jr. Knights (Gold)
Black (XOVER)MB-611:00 AMWFSC-DDS South Central Coyotes2-0Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Gold (XOVER)B-211:30 AMSTR A York-Simcoe Express3-1Brampton Battalion
Black (XOVER)MM-411:30 AMWFSC-LC London Jr. Knights (Green)0-5York-Simcoe Express
Gold (XOVER)M-112:00 PMCARLB Romeoville Huskies1-5Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves
Gold (XOVER)MM-512:00 PMWFSC-H Dallas Stars1-3Whitby Wildcats
Green (XOVER)B-312:15 PMWFSC-T Alabama Thunder5-2Chatham-Kent Cyclones
Green (XOVER)B-412:30 PMWFSC-DDS Ajax-Pickering Raiders1-1Kitchener Rangers
Black (XOVER)B-512:30 PMSTR B South Central Coyotes5-4Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Black (XOVER)B-61:00 PMSTR A Don Mills Flyers2-0London Jr Knights (Green)
Gold (XOVER)MM-61:00 PMWFSC-LC Southern Tier Admirals3-1NPI Leafs
Green (XOVER)M-21:30 PMCARLB Halton Hurricanes2-2Toronto Jr. Canadiens
GoldMB-71:30 PMWFSC-H London Jr. Knights3-0Brampton Battalion
Gold (XOVER)M-31:45 PMWFSC-T Sault Ste. Marie North Stars0-1Vaughan Kings
GoldMB-82:00 PMWFSC-DDS Central Ontario Wolves4-4Soo Greyhounds
GreenMB-103:00 PMCARLB South Central Coyotes2-1Halton Hurricanes
GreenMB-93:00 PMWFSC-H Allan Park Huskies0-2Chatham-Kent Cyclones
Green (XOVER)M-43:15 PMWFSC-T London Jr. Knights2-0Ajax-Pickering Raiders
BlackMB-114:30 PMCARLB Elgin Middlesex Chiefs1-0Eastern Ontario Wild
GoldMM-74:30 PMWFSC-H Toronto Jr. Canadiens0-4London Jr. Knights (Gold)
GreenMM-84:45 PMWFSC-T Thunder Bay Kings5-1London Jr. Knights (Green)
GreenMM-95:00 PMWFSC-LC Don Mills Flyers3-1Alabama Thunder
GoldMM-105:15 PMWFSC-DDS Whitby Wildcats7-3NPI Leafs
GoldB-76:00 PMWFSC-H London Jr. Knights (Gold)6-2Alabama Thunder
BlackMB-126:00 PMCARLB Niagara Rivermen5-1Buffalo Regals
GoldB-86:15 PMWFSC-T South Central Coyotes1-3Brampton Battalion
BlackMM-116:30 PMWFSC-LC Elgin Middlesex Chiefs5-2Dallas Stars
BlackMM-126:45 PMWFSC-DDS York-Simcoe Express4-2Southern Tier Admirals
GreenB-107:30 PMCARLB Kitchener Rangers4-1Chatham-Kent Cyclones
GreenB-97:30 PMWFSC-H Don Mills Flyers1-2York-Simcoe Express
BlackB-117:45 PMWFSC-T Elgin Middlesex Chiefs6-0Ajax-Pickering Raiders
GoldM-58:00 PMWFSC-LC Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves0-5Halton Hurricanes
GreenM-68:15 PMWFSC-DDS Toronto Jr. Canadiens4-1Romeoville Huskies
BlackB-129:00 PMCARLB Pittsburg Hornets0-5London Jr Knights (Green)
GoldM-79:00 PMWFSC-H London Jr. Knights0-2Vaughan Kings
GreenM-89:15 PMWFSC-T Ajax-Pickering Raiders1-3Sault Ste. Marie North Stars
Saturday, October 15, 2011
GoldMM-137:00 AMWFSC-LC NPI Leafs3-0Toronto Jr. Canadiens
GreenMB-137:15 AMWFSC-DDS Allan Park Huskies1-4South Central Coyotes
GoldMM-147:30 AMWFSC-H London Jr. Knights (Gold)3-2Whitby Wildcats
GreenMB-147:45 AMWFSC-T Halton Hurricanes1-5Chatham-Kent Cyclones
GreenMM-158:30 AMWFSC-LC Alabama Thunder7-1London Jr. Knights (Green)
GoldMB-158:45 AMWFSC-DDS London Jr. Knights2-2Central Ontario Wolves
GreenMM-169:00 AMWFSC-H Thunder Bay Kings1-5Don Mills Flyers
GoldMB-169:15 AMWFSC-T Soo Greyhounds0-3Brampton Battalion
BlackMM-1710:00 AMWFSC-LC Dallas Stars0-3Southern Tier Admirals
BlackMB-1710:15 AMWFSC-DDS Elgin Middlesex Chiefs3-4Niagara Rivermen
BlackMM-1810:30 AMWFSC-H Elgin Middlesex Chiefs2-3York-Simcoe Express
BlackMB-1810:45 AMWFSC-T Buffalo Regals2-5Eastern Ontario Wild
GoldM-911:30 AMWFSC-LC Vaughan Kings1-2Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves
GoldM-1011:45 AMWFSC-DDS Halton Hurricanes1-2London Jr. Knights
GreenM-1112:00 PMWFSC-H Toronto Jr. Canadiens2-2Ajax-Pickering Raiders
GreenM-1212:15 PMWFSC-T Romeoville Huskies0-6Sault Ste. Marie North Stars
GoldB-131:00 PMNIC A London Jr. Knights (Gold)1-2South Central Coyotes
GoldB-141:00 PMWFSC-LC Brampton Battalion1-3Alabama Thunder
GreenB-151:15 PMWFSC-DDS York-Simcoe Express5-1Kitchener Rangers
GreenB-161:30 PMWFSC-H Chatham-Kent Cyclones2-1Don Mills Flyers
BlackB-171:45 PMWFSC-T Elgin Middlesex Chiefs5-1Pittsburg Hornets
BlackB-182:30 PMNIC A London Jr Knights (Green)4-1Ajax-Pickering Raiders
GoldMM-192:30 PMWFSC-LC Whitby Wildcats5-3Toronto Jr. Canadiens
GreenMB-192:45 PMWFSC-DDS Halton Hurricanes2-0Allan Park Huskies
GoldMM-203:00 PMWFSC-H NPI Leafs0-2London Jr. Knights (Gold)
GreenMB-203:15 PMWFSC-T Chatham-Kent Cyclones0-1South Central Coyotes
BlackMB-234:00 PMNIC A Buffalo Regals3-4Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
GreenMM-214:00 PMWFSC-LC London Jr. Knights (Green)1-2Don Mills Flyers
GoldMB-214:15 PMWFSC-DDS Soo Greyhounds1-4London Jr. Knights
GreenMM-224:30 PMWFSC-H Alabama Thunder7-2Thunder Bay Kings
GoldMB-224:45 PMWFSC-T Brampton Battalion1-8Central Ontario Wolves
GreenB-225:30 PMMED Kitchener Rangers7-2Don Mills Flyers
BlackMB-245:30 PMNIC A Eastern Ontario Wild6-0Niagara Rivermen
BlackMM-235:30 PMWFSC-LC York-Simcoe Express4-2Dallas Stars
GoldB-195:45 PMWFSC-DDS Alabama Thunder1-4South Central Coyotes
BlackMM-246:00 PMWFSC-H Southern Tier Admirals4-0Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
GoldB-206:15 PMWFSC-T Brampton Battalion2-2London Jr. Knights (Gold)
GreenB-217:00 PMNIC A Chatham-Kent Cyclones2-3York-Simcoe Express
GoldM-137:00 PMWFSC-LC Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves3-0London Jr. Knights
BlackB-237:15 PMMED Ajax-Pickering Raiders2-3Pittsburg Hornets
GoldM-147:15 PMWFSC-DDS Vaughan Kings5-4Halton Hurricanes
GreenM-157:30 PMWFSC-H Sault Ste. Marie North Stars2-3Toronto Jr. Canadiens
GreenM-167:45 PMWFSC-T Ajax-Pickering Raiders5-2Romeoville Huskies
BlackB-248:30 PMNIC A London Jr Knights (Green)1-3Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
Sunday, October 16, 2011
ChampionshMB-258:00 AMWFSC-LC Niagara Rivermen0-4South Central Coyotes
ChampionshMB-268:15 AMWFSC-DDS Chatham-Kent Cyclones1-4London Jr. Knights
ChampionshB-258:30 AMWFSC-H London Jr. Knights (Gold)2-3York-Simcoe Express
ChampionshB-268:45 AMWFSC-T Elgin Middlesex Chiefs0-5South Central Coyotes
ChampionshMM-259:40 AMWFSC-LC Southern Tier Admirals4-1Don Mills Flyers
ChampionshMM-269:55 AMWFSC-DDS York-Simcoe Express2-3London Jr. Knights (Gold)
ChampionshM-1710:10 AMWFSC-H Sault Ste. Marie North Stars2-8Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves
ChampionshM-1810:25 AMWFSC-T Vaughan Kings3-1Toronto Jr. Canadiens
ChampionshMB-2712:00 PMWFSC-LC London Jr. Knights0-1South Central Coyotes
ChampionshB-2712:30 PMWFSC-DDS South Central Coyotes0-4York-Simcoe Express
ChampionshMM-271:45 PMWFSC-LC Southern Tier Admirals2-5London Jr. Knights (Gold)
ChampionshM-193:00 PMWFSC-DDS Vaughan Kings0-2Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves
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